Welcome to the innate immunity working group at UCSF Mission Bay!

Electron microscopy image of a granule-filled neutrophil
Image captured by Richard Fetter

Who are we?

We are scientists at Mission Bay whose research interests include a variety of aspects of the immune system and innate immunity. Current participants include trainees and PIs from labs that study immuniology, metabolism, neuroscience, chemistry, bacterial immunity, and biochemistry. We meet monthly for research-in-progress presentations.

What is the goal of this group?

This group was started by Balyn Zaro and Emily Goldberg with the goal of building a strongĀ and supportive community of immunology researchers at Mission Bay!

Who should join the working group?

Any UCSF researcher interested in immunology is welcome! People who work in labs that don't have a lot of experience or expertise in immunology are especially encouraged to join! If you are interested in joining and/or presenting in the group, please email us!